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Help repair boat launch
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Twin Cities Paddlesports is looking for volunteers to
-help construct a launch deck and more importantly
-a place to do it.

My estimate is that it will take a couple of semi-skilled people about 20 hours over a couple of evenings and a weekend to knock this out. I'll provide beverages and pizza/donuts&coffee.

Contact Marsh Jones

Twin Cities Paddlesports teaches canoe and kayak technique (mostly sprint racing) to kids and a few adults on Lake Phalen.

Part of our safety and instruction equipment is a motorboat - in our case a 14' electric powered wakeless launch. The long and short of it - the launch is old, the deck is shot, and we can't afford to go buy a new Wintech or Stillwater for the next couple of years.

Since the deck is just a big flat plate, I plan to replace with a simple stringer, plywood skin and epoxy/fiberglass construction, and at the same time add some volume to the catamaran hulls.
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