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Instructors and volunteers needed!!!
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Twin Cities Paddlesports, an ACA PaddleAmerica Club, is seeking 2-4 adults to teach basic kayaking skills to kids (age 9-13).

Dates will be mid-June to end-July on beautiful Lake Phalen.
Last year we filled 5 class sessions (~35 kids) and had to turn kids away. We would really like to be able to offer an additional two sessions for the Lightning program, and another Thunder (older kids).
Classes meet either M-W or T-Th for about 75 minutes.
We run two classes each evening usually 4:30-5:45 and 6:00-7:15.

We also have a Saturday morning 'fun-gatta' every other weekend for all the classes. The focus is on fun for the entire ohana.

If you would like to help, or would like more information, please let me know. ( I'll be at the annual meeting at REI, and at Canoecopia as well.

Who are these kids? We draw from a broad spectrum of kids from around the east metro. Some of our students come from recreation/paddling minded families, but many just saw the ad or found us at Waterfest. The majority of our students have no prior exposure to paddling.

Do I need to be an ACA instructor?
Nope. Some knowledge of kayaking is important, but teaching 10 year olds is mostly herding cats. We have a basic curriculum that we've found works well, but every group of kids is slightly different. And we'll run an instructor class *and* be onsite to assist. We may also have one of our athletes to work with you as a junior instructor.

I don't race. Can I still help?
Absolutely! This is not a racing class, although the kids will be paddling 'trainer' kayaks. Most of the first couple of classes will be spent flipping over, swimming back to the beach, and getting the boats dumped out. This involves lots of laughter.

Do I need my own boat?
If you have a moderately efficient (and stable) kayak, by all means bring your boat. We also teach from stand-up paddleboards, and have a couple of 'stable' (Viper 55) kayaks for your use as well.

OK, what's this going to cost me?
Nothing. In fact, we'll offer TC Paddlesports membership *and* access to our adult fitness class to anyone teaching 2 classes or more!

I don't think I can be an instructor, but I'd still like to help. Is there anything I can do?
We are always looking for volunteers to help with the myriad of tasks that accompany a club like this. Boat repair, organizing events, publicity, and finance. Right now, we are especially looking for a new treasurer (our current treasurer's kids have moved on to college, and she'd like to retire!!!
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