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Looking for paddler för Mississippi world rec...
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Glad I somehow got an umlaut in my title! #unintentionallybadass!? Lol
Hello Paddlers! Last summer I enjoyed following a story about some guys attempting to set the world record for fastest paddle down the Mississippi River. I enjoyed it so much I contacted one of them (KJ Millhone) after their trip ended, and I said if he ever wanted to try it again I’d be interested in joining him. This past Fall, KJ and I started hanging out and paddling, and decided we wanted to give it a try. Then KJ’s daughter Casey said she wanted to be on the team, and we thought that was pretty cool. Then we decided we wanted a four person team, but so far we haven’t found the right person. Maybe it’s YOU!?

Our plan is to spend the next year and a half training and organizing, and go in May of 2020. We have some training trips planned already for this summer. The current record, set by Bob Bradford and Clark Eid in 2003, is 18 days, 4 hours and 51 minutes. At least three attempts have failed to beat that record since then. The only way to beat it is to be very well-trained, very well-organized and then hope you get some help from the lock gods and the river gods so you get a swift and as-unimpeded-as-possible flow. We would welcome anyone of any age and gender; our criteria are mostly just that you develop a burning crazy passion for the project, be willing and able to put in the training time, and fit in well with the team. Paddling experience obviously preferred, and the more the better. This is an extreme challenge, to be sure, we plan to paddle close to 23 hours out of every 24, with one or two people resting in shifts (laying in the bottom of the canoe). We are Twin Cities based and would love someone local, but that’s also not a requirement.

I have many more details for anyone who is interested.

Please email me with any thoughts, questions and/or interest at
Thanks for your consideration!
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