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Triple Kayak - Chesapeake Wood Boat Custom Built 2...
Todd Churchill
Amazing and very hard to find Chesapeake Light Craft Triple Kayak. Only way to get one is to buy the kit for $1375+shipping and build it yourself, or find a pre built one for sale. Details on the kit are here:

I didn't build it but got really lucky when I found it for sale from the original builder/owner.

Includes a rear cockpit foot-controlled rudder. It stows in the rear storage compartment when not used.

Comes with 2 like new all wood bending branches kayak paddles - if bought new $199/each details here:

3 cockpit covers included per photo

front and rear cockpits have full seats with adjustable backrests. Center cockpit has no seat to make use for storage or dogs easier, but a seat can be installed. I used to put two kids in the center on two life preserver cushions and they loved it.
I've had it out on Lake Superior and this baby flies through the waves with two strong paddlers!

Unfortunately it doesn't hold all the kids anymore, and it isn't getting used enough for me to justify keeping it.

If you get a little claustrophobic in a regular kayak - you need to try this - very spacious, and lots of legroom.

Todd C 6 one 2 - 7 five six - 1 3 four six.

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